Our Rooms

On a stay here at Hotel Virad, the guests are welcome to live a dreamy life enjoying the extra level of comforts and service that we offer. Along with the excellent facilities these rooms also will get the guests a stunning view of the bustling city life.


Suite Rooms

Suite Room at Hotel Virad, is super spacious, equipped with comfy bedding, Cozy interiors and all best-in-class amenities. The separated living room is suitable for private meetings during a business trip.


Super Deluxe Rooms

Well-appointed Deluxe Rooms are available and each feature premium amenities and fixtures. Spacious and sophisticated, theserooms come with luxurious king-size bed, for the choosing of each guest, and plush seating areas.


Deluxe Rooms

With all basic amenities assured, the Deluxe Rooms ensure a comfortable stay at affordable rates. The rooms are cosy with upscale d├ęcor, fine beddings, and a host of other in-room facilities.